Error: Nintex – Cannot find a corresponding human workflow task id for this task

When you move your Nintex for SharePoint 2016 environment to a new server farm, even if you restore the existing workflow content databases as stated in the documentation, you may get an error when opening your previously created and “Not Started” workflow tasks.

Error Message

"Cannot find a corresponding human workflow task id for this task."

If you are having this problem, what you need to do is to associate the correct Workflow Content database with your web application. But when you change the Workflow Content Database mapping, it does not effect. Because you shoul do this with following order;

  • Deactivate “Nintex Workflow” feature on your site collection
  • Change “Workflow Content Database” mapping
  • Do “iisreset” on your all web front-end servers
  • Activate “Nintex Workflow” feature back on your site collection

Then, if you want to check content database mappings you click Nintex > Database Management > View Content Databases

You will see your newly mapped workflow content database in the screen.

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