Move Nintex for SharePoint On-Premises to New Farm

For various reasons, you may need to renew the infrastructure of your SharePoint farm. For example to migrate your server operating system software to a new one. (Exp: Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2019)

You have to migrate your SharePoint farm first. And then, if you want to migrate your Nintex for SharePoint environment to new SharePoint farm without lose any workflow, form and configuration you shoul follow some additional steps to complete this.

  • You should install Nintex farm solutions to new SharePoint farm. You can do this just execute the Nintex standalone installer. This tool adds and deploys required Nintex farm solutions to your new farm.
  • You should backup your NintexFormsDB, NintexWorkflowDB and if exists, your other Workflow Content DBs. Then, you shoul restore them to your new database server.
  • After that, you have to upload your new licence files to new environment. Because Nintex licencing procedure need new server names. So, you have to get your new licences from your Nintex partner.
  • Go to just restored NintexWorkflowDB and navigate to Programmability > Stored Procedures and execute the stored procedure that named “_PrepareForNewEnvironment”.
  • Then, you should migrate your NintexFormsDB, NintexWorkflowDB and if exists, your other Nintex ContentDBs. To do this, you just navigate to Nintex > Database Management page on your Central Administration web application. First, you can set your NintexFormsDB (Please remember to select “Add existing database” checkbox). Then do this for your NintexWorkflowDB. Sometimes, your NintexWorkflowDB contains your workflow content, but of course you have additional Workflow Content Databases too. The important point is, remember to select “Add existing database” checkbox.
  • Then go to Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Web Aplications section and select your workflow web application. Then click “Manage Featured” button on the ribbon and activate “Nintex Forms” feature.
  • Do “iisreset” on all your SharePoint servers
  • Then go to your content site collection and navigate to “Site Collection Features” on “Site Setting” page. Deactivate and then Activate “Nintex Workflow” feature.

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