Slow Internet Connection – Pulse Secure

If you need to use Pulse Secure for VPN, you are likely to have experienced a problem. Your internet connection is slower than ever and you will find that resources cannot be downloaded on many websites. The problem can be experienced due to the wireless hardware used in Windows 10 Redstone 3 and above versions and some Dell and HP model computers. When you want to test your internet speed, you can see that your download speed is even below your upload speed.

The solution

Solution 1

Go to your network adapter settings and navigate to the properties with a right click. You can type Start> Run > ncpa.cpl for this. Make sure that the checkbox next to “Juniper Network Service”, among the adapter features on the screen that opens, is not selected and save the settings. Then, when you make VPN again, you will be able to use your internet speed correctly.

Solution 2

It is necessary to disable the RSC service. You can do a similar operation with PowerShell. Run the following command in a PowerShell console opened in run as administrator mode.

Disable-NetAdapterRsc -Name "Wi-Fi 2"

“Wifi 2” is your adapter name. You can run the command below to get this name.


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