Windows 11 Pulse Secure Stuck Reconnecting and Disconnect

If you have upgraded to Windows 11 and are using Pulse Secure, you may be experiencing some problems while connecting.

I work as a consultant and therefore have to use Pulse Secure to connect to a large number of my client environments. After the transition to Windows 11, I noticed that the Pulse Secure network connection could not be fully established and disconnected frequently, while connecting to some of my customers, but not all of my customers.

While examining the details of this, when I entered the network adapter settings screen, I observed that the Pulse Secure network adapter constantly gave messages such as “Identifying”, “Authenticating”, but could not stay connected in a healthy way.

There are two steps you need to do for the solution;

  • Go into your Network and Sharing Center and into Change Adapter Settings. Till you get on the original network connections view, wait for Pulse Secure to show up as a Juniper Networks Virtual Adapter and go into the Properties for that connection and enable the “Juniper Network Service
  • Do same thing to your original WiFi or ethernet connection

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